• Anti-smudge (AS) film
Anti-smudge (AS) film Coating
Production Description
Creating Nano’s Anti-fingerprint membrane surface self-cleaning (self-cleaning), has a double thinning effect (hydro / oleo phobic) on film and is used in anti-fingerprint touch panel glass and anti-fingerprint metal.In addition to anti-fingerprint applications, it can also be used as a nano coating to protect from rust, stains, and acid.
Product Features
.Anti-graffiti, hydrophobic, thinning the oil, anti-staining
.Excellent adhesion
.All fluoride treatment agent solvents, environmentally friendly, do not damage the health
.Anti-Acid rain, anti-corrosion
.Anti-resistant to UV radiation
.Anti-cleaning detergent
.Use less, high-performance
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.Reduction friction to consume

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