• Contact Angle Meter
Contact Angle Meter CAM121
Production Description
You can measure the average angle of droplets, droplet’s left angle, droplet size, droplet diameter, static / dynamic measurements and so on. After the measurements are taken, data can be stored into EXCEL files and plotted curves.
CAM121 uses a higher resolution and speed camera compared to CAM 120 without any change in design, size, or operation step.
Product Features
.CAM120’s main function is to measure the liquid and drips and falls of the contact angle of the base plate, and then perform characteristic analysis before and after dealing with the base plate surface.
.Lightweight and does not take up much space
.The natural light of high brightness, long life of LED lights
.Easy to understand the software’s user interface
.The lift platform can be set to XY axis movement to measure a wider range of substrate dimensions
.No external power cord(USB cable alone can be used for sufficient power supply)
.Applicable to a wide range of operating systems
Unique Functionalities

Creating Nano’s CAM120 Contact Angle Meter supports the vacuum plasma process.
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