• Anti-smudge (AS) coater
Anti-Smudge (AS) coater
Production Description
Creating Nanoanti-smudge /anti-fingerprint membrane surface self-cleaning (self-cleaning) has a double thinning effect (hydro / oleo phobic) on film and is used in anti-fingerprint touch panel glass and anti-fingerprint metal. In addition to anti-fingerprint applications, it can also be used as a nano coating to protect from rust, stains, and acid.
Product Features
.Suitable for different anti-smudge solutions, and the water contact angle can reach 110~120º
.High mass production rate
.In-line coating production is available
.Low AS chemical cost
.Advanced AP plasma treatment included
.High film quality with higher than 3000 times the abrasion test
.Liquid flow control for AS spray coating


.Anti-Dirt / Anti-fingerprint-specific plasma membrane pre-treatment equipment
       1.SAP003(Spot type)
       2.Wide-Scale type SAP006
       3.Plasma Cleaner PC03/PC04
.Anti-smudge / Anti-finger printing film Coating system
       1.Atmospheric deposition
       2.Dip Coater
       3.Spray coater
.Thermal Evaporated Coater
       1.Testing equipment
       ​2.Contact Angle Meter CAM120
       3.Wear test machine
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