• TiN
TiN Film Coating
Production Description
.Extreme hardness(Hv3500~5000)
.Excellent adhesion
.High anti-oxidation
.Good thermal stability
Product Features
.The ultra-hard thin film adopts the most advanced vacuum science and technology, and the TiN film is deposited under 200°C.
.Color of TiN : Golden yellow
.The hardness of TiN:HV2200
.Heat-resisting temperature of TiN : 500°C
.Friction coefficient of TiN : 0.4
Related solutions

.Increase the surface hardness: Covered TiN thin film tool steel, mould steel or hard alloy tool making use of PVD, can improve by 3-5 times of hardness of surface , reduce the wearing and tearing amount of the tool.

.Reduce the friction coefficient: Covered TiN thin film use of PVD, can avoid mould surface wear loss, stuck, scratched, etc, improve the precision of the products, reduce the mould consume and lengthen the life-span of the mould.

.Improve the quality of the products: Covered TiN thin film use of PVD, can improve the wear-resisting and heat-damage characteristic, process the speed, promote yield.