• Plasma cleaner
Plasma Cleaner PC03/PC04
Production Description
Creating Nano PC03/PC04 low pressure plasma cleaner system can modify all kinds of printing or adhesive substrates prior to surface activation, modification, grafting, roughening or cleaning.
Product Features
.Extremely high plasma uniformity
.No substrate damage due to the use of low energy ions
.No contamination of substrates due to high energy bombardments of electrodes
.Special plasma electrode design
.High density plasma source
.High plasma performance
.Well-controlled low ion energy
.Combination of chemical reactivity and physical bombardments
.High cleaning efficiency
.Wide operation condition
.Multiple processing gases capable of achieving the best surface cleaning and treatment effects
.Fully automatic and user-friendly
.High reliability and easy maintenance
Related solutions

.LCM, IC Packaging (Flip Chip, CSP, BGA, Lead Frame, etc.), LED packaging, SMT, PCB, FPC, optoelectronic components, electronic components, Packaging before the clean.

.Before printing or adhesive surface roughening or cleaning.

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