Plasma Desmear PD06

Production Description

Creating Nano PD06 low pressure plasma cleaner system can be used for surface activation, modification, roughness improvement or cleaning for various materials such as plastics, metals, glasses, textiles, or films.

Low Pressure Plasma Cleaner Treatment machine PD06

Product Features

  • High-density plasma source, high–efficiency plasma, reduced processing time
  • Special patented design of the plasma electrode
  • Special release of the gas into the air through the diffusion and exhaust system design
  • Good uniformity of treatment
  • Good plasma uniformity
  • Can use a variety of process gases
  • Fully automatic and easy to operate
  • Equipment with high stability and easy maintenance
  • Designed according to customer demands for special machines with special specifications
  • PCB, FPC, etc
  • Improving surface roughness before printing, painting, gluing or bonding