Atmospheric Pressure Plasma SAP003

Production Description

Creating Nano SAP003 Atmospheric Pressure Plasma (AP Plasma) was designed by professional engineers in an eco-friendly environment to completely remove any kind of organic pollutants. SAP003 AP plasma treatment system’s unique design features and certified R&D patterns will tremendously increase surface bonding under normal operating conditions to produce ecofriendly products without compromising the reusability of materials. Our mission and value proposition is to create an error-free production environment to increase the overall benefits & profits of our clients.

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment Jet

Unique Functionalities

SAP003 Atmospheric Plasma Jet effectively enhances the stability and smoothness of the surface cleaning; stabilizes the plasma flow and is arc free; has a higher degree of surface modifications; improves the life time of electrodes; improves the quality of the components package; improves the reliability of printability; has quick Interaction of adhesion and mount ability; is designed to operate and adjust the speed of the process; controls the flow of gas & target distance at any period of the process; Organic Materials include: Glass, Plastic, Metallic, Ceramics, Rubber etc.

Product Features

  • Compact size and easy to install
  • Start / Stop at any time
  • Safe operation and maintenance
  • Highly efficient speed
  • Improved throughput of cleaning process
  • Designed to support both in-line and off-line operations
  • Cutting edge nozzle technology to support a range from 3~30mm
  • Multiple design patterns are available
  • Zero degrees of contamination & arc formation
  • Designed to operate without a vacuum chamber
  • Generation of Process gases: N2, Air (CDA), Oxygen
  • Supports all kind of Industrial surface modification and activation process
  • Supports and improves various surface cleaning methods before process
  • STN-LCD, TFT-LCD, OLED, PDP and OLB process of COG ITO electrode surface clean before process
  • COF (ILB) and COB electrode surface cleaning process
  • LCD or OLED glass cleaning process
  • IC Packaging (Flip Chip, CSP, BGA, TCP, or Lead Frame, etc.) and LED package for surface cleaning and modification
  • PCB surface cleaning, activation, modification
  • Support Desmear process methods
  • Wafer surface cleaning, coater cleaning & etching process
  • Supports various Industrial electronic components surface cleaning, activation & modification
  • Improved printability, adhesive surface roughening & cleaning before process