About CNT
  • Technology Independence

Creating Nano Technologies is a R&D based company that consists of professional plasma, material technology, precision machinery, and electrical integration teams. We can independently develop semiconductors, packaging, coating equipment and new process technology, including photoelectric, communication, and MEMs equipment, as well as process development, all of which are emphasized by the high technology industry and have been set among the main aims of active government development. The purpose is to enable the domestic semiconductor, photoelectric and MEMs industries so that they are not limited by expensive foreign equipment & the expense of inferior technology authorization.



  • Customer service


Currently, domestic coating companies mainly rely on imported equipment and technologies; they do not have the ability to develop their own plasma equipment and coating technologies and cannot provide solutions to customers who have problems with their process. On the contrary, Creating Nano Technologies is a team with professional backgrounds in plasma and material sciences, as well as electricity & mechanics and a company with a core competency of R&D in plasma technologies and new coating processes. In addition to displaying the excellent functions of our self-designed machines, we establish relationships with our customers by providing technical service as part of our management strategies.

We solve the problems that our customers encounter in the process using our professional plasma and material knowledge. We even predict their future needs in the process and make a new plan for them in advance. Therefore, we can assist domestic industries in developing the top technologies in the world without relying on importing foreign technologies. Furthermore, providing educational training to customers is also an important part of our strategy. To avoid operators from having an insufficient understanding of the machine and process, we offer them a complete education, from the basic theories of plasma and material to the principles of electricity & mechanics. This not only enables our customers to independently solve any process and machine problems that they encounter, but also encourages them to develop their independent thinking ability in order to promote the capability of every employee, as well as the creativity and innovation of domestic industries.