Atmospheric Pressure Plasma treatment arc LCD PCB
    SAP003 module design with the concept of using point discharge by high velocity jet of gas flowing through the tube to produce a stable arc plasma.
Born winner interview introduction Creating Nano-p
PVD PECVD Coating Technology
SAP009SA Applications

Creating Nano Technologies has been performing R&D in the plasma field for more than 10 years. Being the leader of domestic plasma technology, Creating Nano Technologies is also the biggest plasma equipment manufacturer in Taiwan. Many panel manufacturers have used a number of our reliable and stable products to improve the yield rate and reliability of their panel products.

Creating Nano Technologies has the best plasma and coating technologies in the world. We specialize in IC, photoelectric items, and communication process technology & equipment. We focus on the fields of Photoelectric products (LCD and LED), Semiconductors (IC and Electric packaging), Printed circuit boards (PCB), Precision Machines (mold and coating), Optical fiber communication, MEMS, etc. and provide the key technologies to the rapidly developing electronic information industry. In order to achieve our goal to keep ahead of technology and have a sustainable development, we continuously develop new techniques in order to improve the performance of our products. To promote domestic R&D ability and competitiveness, we also actively collaborate with domestic academic research institutions and commercialize the applicable R&D results.

Creating Nano Technologies has many doctorate and masters students performing R&D and improving our plasma and coating technology abilities. We also gather elites from different specialized fields, like automatic control and maintenance engineering, as well as technicians and consultants, to provide more professional and faster service to our customers.

  • Comparison Sheet
  • Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Equipments Sheet
  • ARC module
  • Atmospheric Pressure Plasma SAP002
  • Plasma jet (torch)
  • Atmospheric Pressure Plasma SAP003
  • Plasma jet (torch)
  • Atmospheric Pressure Plasma SAP003X
  • Plasma jet (torch)
  • Atmospheric Pressure Plasma SAP009SA
  • Plasma jet (XY table)
  • Atmospheric Pressure Plasma SAP006
  • Wide corona module
  • Atmospheric Pressure Plasma SAP007
  • Wide radial jet module
  • Atmospheric Pressure Plasma SAP009T
  • Anti-smudge (AS) coater
  • Anti-Smudge (AS) coater
  • Anti-Glare coater (AG) coater
  • Anti-Glare coater AG coater
  • Biometric Finger Color Coater
  • Biometric IC Color Coater/ Finger ID Reader Color
  • Optical film coater (Desktop)
  • Optical film coater (Desktop)
  • Plasma cleaner
  • Plasma Cleaner PC03/PC04
  • Plasma cleaner
  • Plasma Cleaner DPC06
  • Plasma Asher
  • Plasma Asher PA01/PA03B
  • Plasma Desmear
  • Plasma Desmear PD06
  • Roll To Roll (R2R)
  • In-Line Roll To Roll (R2R)
  • PVD coating
  • PVD Coating System
  • DLC coating
  • DLC_coating System
  • Sputter coating
  • Sputter coating System
  • PECVD coating
  • PECVD coating System
  • DLC Film
  • DLC Coating Film
  • DLC Film
  • Diamond Film
  • Diamond Film Coating
  • Rainbow diamond
  • Rainbow diamond Film Coating
  • TiN
  • TiN Film Coating
  • Anti-smudge (AS) film
  • Anti-smudge (AS) film Coating
  • For Aluminum
  • Rainbow diamond series
  • For Aluminum
  • DLC series
  • For SUS Finishing
  • Rainbow diamond series
  • For high hardness
  • High speed series
  • For high hardness
  • Super high speed series
  • Tungsten Carbide end mills
  • Square series
  • Tungsten Carbide end mills
  • Ball end series
  • Tungsten Carbide end mills
  • Corner radius series
  • Tungsten Carbide end mills
  • Extreme series
  • Pulsed DC power supply
  • Plasma Pulsed DC Power Supply PDPS001
  • DC power supply
  • Plasma DC Power Supply DCPS series
  • MF power supply
  • Plasma MF Power Supply MFPS series
  • Contact Angle Meter
  • Contact Angle Meter CAM120
  • Contact Angle Meter
  • Contact Angle Meter CAM210
  • Plasma Air Purifier Technology
  • Plasma Air Purifier Technology